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A MOMENTUM FWRD goes into the second round - this time in a new location in the heart of Munich. Two days in which we want to talk about the future in different formats and with different target groups. After all, this future ultimately concerns us all.


In the mornings we discuss with students how we want to shape their future, what is really important to them.

At lunchtime, the school classes swap places with those who are already shaping the future today: innovation managers, those responsible for strategy, technology experts, futurologists, journalists, visionaries, writers and all those who are otherwise responsible for it, like the world will look like in the future.

On stage, experts with a wide variety of perspectives discuss the most burning issues of our time in order to better understand their background and to develop ideas for solutions.


The morning of the second day focuses on further discussion and talks. This is followed by networking and breakout sessions in order to be able to deepen the topics further.

The best moment is right now - let's make something of it!

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We are pleased that you are interested in AI+MUNICH. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about the program. You have further questions? Feel free to contact us at contact@aimunich.com

Does the funded scholarship holder have to work full time for the project during the funding period (as with EXIST)?

Like EXIST, 5 hours/week of sideline work are possible.

How often is the scholarship/prototype paid?

The scholarship is paid every month, the money for prototype support comes every 2 month. We pay you in advance for your expenses. You need to send us all receipts after your spent the money. If you have established a GmbH, a copy of the receipts is sufficient.

Do I need to be part of the startup team to get the scholarship?


If I get EXIST during the funding period of AI+ Community, what do I do?

You can cancel your AI+ Munich scholarship within a month and get the EXIST funding instead.

How much do I get with the AI+ Munich scholarship?
  • Graduates with a doctorate 3,000 euros/month

  • Graduates with university degree 2,500 Euro/month

  • Technical staff 2,000 Euro/month

  • Students 1.000 Euro/month

  • Child supplement: 150 euros/month per child

How long is the funding period?

6 months.

What is the maximal fund I can apply for?

We suggest applying for a maximum support of 25.000 Euro.

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