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Bard: AI service from Google

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February 27, 2023

Google won't stand by and let Microsoft or anybody else take a shot at its search dominance. The business revealed today that Bard, a chatbot, will be released "in the coming weeks." The debut looks to be a response to ChatGPT, the wildly successful AI chatbot created by company OpenAI with support from Microsoft.

According to a blog post by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Bard is already accessible to "trusted testers" and was created to hide the "breadth of the world's knowledge" behind a conversational interface. It makes use of a scaled-down version of the potent artificial intelligence (AI) model LaMDA, which Google initially unveiled in May 2021 and is built on ChatGPT-like technology. This, according to Google, will enable it to make the chatbot available to more users and collect feedback to help fix issues with the caliber and accuracy of the chatbot's responses.

Both Google and OpenAI are using text generation algorithms to create their bots, which, while elegant, is prone to falsification and can mimic objectionable online speech patterns. Hopes of developing strong and successful new products on top of the technology, such the claim that chatbots may redesign web search, are challenged by the necessity to address those problems and the difficulty in updating this type of software with fresh information.

It's noteworthy that Pichai omitted to mention intentions to include Bard into the search engine that drives Google's revenue. Instead, he demonstrated a creative and cautious application of the underlying AI technology to improve standard search. In cases where there isn't a single correct answer, Google will create a response from the various viewpoints.

Hear it straight from the CEO of Google and Alphabet here.

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